Ask a Trucking Recruiter

Our trucking recruiters are here to help you make the decision that is right for you. So, ask questions! Below is our A to Z list of top questions our trucking recruiters hear from potential hires. Look it over and come with your own. We’re happy to cover it all.

  • Are there benefits?
  • Are there any bonuses for safety, fuel, sign-on, performance, driver referral, etc?
  • Are there any job advancement opportunities available?
  • Can I have the job offer in writing?
  • Do I have to help maintain the trucks?
  • Do you offer insurance? What about insurance for family members? Is dental and vision insurance included as part of the package?
  • Do you slip-seat?
  • How long has the average driver been with the company?
  • How many employees does the company have? How many drivers?
  • How would you describe the company’s culture? What do your current drivers say about it?
  • In which states do you operate?
  • Is there an experienced driver who can help show me the ropes?
  • Is there forced dispatch?
  • What amenities do the trucks come with? Refrigerators? Single or double bunks?
  • What are your major lanes?
  • What certifications do I need to work for your company?
  • What challenges do drivers face every day?
  • What does a typical month in the life of a company driver look like?
  • What if I get sick on the road and am no longer able to drive?
  • What is the average length of load? What is the average number of miles per trip?
  • What is the company policy on driving in unsafe conditions?
  • What is the company policy regarding hours spent driving per day?
  • What is the passenger policy? The pet policy?
  • What is the ratio of driver managers or load planners to drivers?
  • What is your home-time policy?
  • What kind of freight do you haul?
  • What qualities do you need to be a truck driver?
  • What types of trucks does the company use? How old are they?
  • What’s the best thing about working for the company?
  • When can I start working?
  • Who do I need to reach out to if I need help on the road?

If you’re not quite ready to apply and would like to talk to a recruiter, fill out our driver job inquiry form. A recruiter will be happy to contact you to answer any questions.

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