Driver Health & Safety: Our Top Priority

Driver safety

Halvor drivers receive recognition on their safety anniversaries. Depending on the anniversary, gifts include clothing, watches, gift certificates and safety bonuses.

When it comes to trucking, nothing is more important than safety. That’s why we are always investing in training, equipment and incentives that minimize injuries and accidents. Here are a few examples:

  • Front- and side-facing in-cab safety cameras help drivers monitor what’s going on around them. (Halvor does not have cameras facing into their truck cabs).
  • Automatic braking systems keep our trucks at safe following distances.
  • Quarterly safety training ensures drivers stay up-to-date on best driving practices.
  • An experienced driving coach is available to answer driver questions and provide one-on-one coaching and support.
  • Drivers who avoid accidents and incidents receive bonuses, thank you gifts and recognition (more below).
  • Flatbed drivers receive a week of one-on-one training to ensure safety.

Thanks to this and more, our drivers maintain solid safety records, according to statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and organizations like the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA).

Health and Wellness

Jason Crisp

We work to keep our drivers and all employees healthy through a variety of award-winning programs and services, which are overseen by Jason Crisp, our in-house health & wellness coordinator. Jason is a certified personal trainer with additional certification as a tobacco cessation specialist.

Jason is available to assist drivers and staff with a variety of health- and wellness-related topics. He can also provide information on the facilities, equipment and services Halvor offers to drivers and staff interested in achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles. These include:

workout room
Halvor provides workout equipment at several of its terminal locations.
  • Portable exercise equipment for your truck
  • Terminal workout facilities
  • Personal training tips
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Meal planning
  • Smoking cessation
  • Free annual health screenings
  • Mental health counseling through our Employee Assistance program

At Halvor, we know our success rests on the people who work for us – so we do our best to take care of them, on the road and off.

If you’re wondering what a workout program might look like when you are on the road, watch Jason demonstrate how to get and stay strong in just 10 minutes a day using some basic equipment and your truck.

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Driver Feedback

"One specific dispatcher"

“As a new driver, I loved having one specific dispatcher that I worked with…so you have the consistency of working with the same person to help you with all your questions.”

Sarah D.
2-year company driver