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Halvor Lines is hiring flatbed drivers and have jobs available now for experienced and new truck drivers. Below you’ll find common questions and answers about driving a flatbed for Halvor Lines. When you are ready to apply fill out this form to have a recruiter contact you or call 833-442-5867. A recruiter will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you apply.

Do flatbed drivers earn more money? 

Most trucking companies, including Halvor Lines, pay more per mile to drivers hauling flatbed loads. Many drivers who choose to haul flatbed do it because they can earn more per mile and per year. Some national surveys indicate that salaries are more than $10,000 higher annually for drivers hauling flatbeds versus vans.

Why does flatbed pay more?

Flatbed pays more because drivers must be highly organized, very detail-oriented and willing, and open to the extra work flatbed requires. In addition to driving a truck, drivers are responsible for safely securing and transporting loads using tarps, straps, chains, and other equipment. The additional pay recognizes this extra work and the specialized training involved.

What’s the difference between a flatbed and other types of trailers?

Flatbeds are open deck trailers used to haul cargo that can’t be loaded into or transported in an enclosed, hard-sided van. Common cargo includes construction materials, piping, cables, and other large items that are secured to the trailer with chains and straps. In many cases, items are also covered with heavy waterproof tarps to protect the cargo from damage during transport.

Halvor Lines also uses rolling tarp trailers. These allow cargo to be loaded onto an open trailer bed, but instead of covering the secured cargo with tarps, a special framed tarp is pulled over the trailer bed and cargo. Once it is in place, the trailer looks like a soft-sided van trailer.

Does Halvor Lines hire for flatbed driving jobs?

Yes. We have a large flatbed division and regularly hire drivers. Visit our Driver Career page to get in touch with a recruiter or begin the application process.

Are there physical requirements for hauling flatbed?

Yes. At Halvor Lines, interested drivers must complete an agility test that ensures they can safely lift and carry tarps, toss straps overloads, and have the strength needed to tighten straps and chains. 

Tarps weigh between 85 and 120 pounds, and chains about 40 pounds, so it’s important that drivers have the strength and fitness level to manage equipment without injury.

What if I fail the agility test?

When that happens, drivers often choose to drive for our van or reefer divisions – great trucking jobs that don’t require as much agility and physical strength.

Does Halvor Lines offer a paid flatbed training program?

Yes. If you’re an experienced driver, you’ll receive one week of paid flatbed training with an experienced driver/trainer. If you are a recent CDL graduate, we will seat you with a flatbed driver during your paid 5-week OTR training offered through our Finishing Program.

Either way, you will receive tarping, strapping, and other load securement training with an experienced driver. Our trainers have outstanding safety records and are focused on making sure that you and your loads arrive safely at each destination.

Examples of things you’ll learn in training include:
•    Load securement, devices, and dunnage
•    Tarping and tarp types
•    Safe tarping and securement techniques
•    Using rolling tarp trailers
•    Headache and bulkhead racks
•    Permitted loads and legal requirements

Do I need a CDL to haul flatbed?

Yes. You can usually complete a CDL training program in about a month. Call a Halvor Lines recruiter to learn about Halvor’s paid CDL training program. You can also train with one of our partner schools and colleges.

What is the best flatbed company to drive for?

Halvor Lines has been named a Best Fleet to Drive For nine years in a row, so we’re comfortable saying we’re one of the country’s best companies to drive for. Best Fleets designations recognize companies that demonstrate a commitment to driver safety, solid wages and driver benefits, a positive culture, and more.

The best flatbed companies are ones with excellent training, outstanding safety ratings, and high driver satisfaction. Halvor Lines has won numerous state and national safety awards, our Chief Risk Officer serves as a resource for state and national trucking safety organizations, and we put our drivers’ safety and comfort first by providing the best trucks on the road.

Want to talk to a recruiter about driving for Halvor Lines? Fill out the Driver Jobs application to get started.

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