Decked Van Trucking Jobs – We’re Hiring!

We call them deck vans. Others call them double-decker trailers. Whatever you call them, we have decked semi jobs available for you!

Decked semi jobs pay more and come with paid training that have you transporting decked cargo in no time. Apply online today or reach out to talk to a recruiter to learn about our training, company culture, home time, and more. Below are a few of our frequently asked questions.

What is a deck van?

Deck vans, commonly known as double-deck trailers, allow you to carry twice as much cargo, thanks to a “deck” installed inside the trailer. Think of it like a double-decker bus, only used to transport goods instead of people.

Does Halvor Lines have deck vans/double-deck trailers in its fleet?

Yes. We have a very active deck van division that is primarily dedicated to moving powersports equipment like side-by-sides, snowmobiles, and ATVs.

Do deck van truckers load and unload trailers?

Drivers in our deck van division pick up pre-loaded trailers, so they do not load trucks. They do unload the powersports vehicles at the dealership.

Do deck van truckers receive special training?

Yes. Every driver in our deck van division receives special training on how to set up the ramps needed to unload powersports vehicles from the van. A decked semi job includes setting up and taking down ramps. Decked semi drivers also learn how to maneuver vehicles down the ramp. Our deck van training video shows you how it works.

Do deck van drivers earn more money than regular van drivers?

Yes. Currently, deck van drivers earn .01 cents per mile more than drivers who run traditional van loads.

What kind of salary do deck van drivers earn?

Salaries for decked truck drivers vary widely based on the number of miles a driver chooses to drive each week, base pay rates, and whether or not their employer offers any bonus or incentive programs. At Halvor Lines, top drivers earn an average of $81,000 a year.

Does Halvor Lines run deck vans out of a terminal near me?

Halvor Lines has terminals in Superior, WI, South Bend, IN, Altoona, IA, and Rosemount, Inver Grove Heights and Clearwater, MN. All of them support deck van operations.

Are there particular regions of the U.S. that Halvor’s deck van routes cover?

Yes. Halvor’s deck van routes are concentrated in the eastern half of the United States. Within that region, our deck van drivers run routes throughout the Midwest, the Southeastern U.S., and along the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Does Halvor Lines have deck van hauling opportunities for owner operators?

Yes. A number of our double-decker trailer drivers are owner operators. We are always interested in new owner operator relationships, so please reach out today.

What if I try driving deck van and it is not for me?

If you try driving a decked semi-trailer and find it’s not for you, we can transition you into one of our other divisions – dry vanreefer, or flatbed. We make it easy for drivers to move into the division that works best for them.

What are the next steps to apply for a decked van job with Halvor Lines?

Experienced drivers get started by sending us your info and we’ll have a recruiter contact you. If you’re working with a Halvor Lines recruiter you can find their contact information on our Meet Our Recruiters page.
Not an experienced truck driver yet? No problem. No matter where you are in the process, we have information to help get you started. Check it out: 

If don’t yet have your Class A license, get started in our paid CDL training. Once you have your CDL you will move on to our paid OTR training. The team at Halvor Lines is here to help you become a fully licensed refrigerated truck driver! Apply for a good-paying truck driving job!

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