Million Mile Truck Driver Awards

Loyalty is not overlooked at Halvor Lines. We like to recognize and reward drivers who reach important milestones, such as one million miles and beyond. These drivers are awarded with a crystal trophy bearing the Million Miles Club name, along with decals for their trucks.

Earning Million Miles Club status takes approximately 8 years per million miles. We’re proud to have team members who have earned one, two, three and even four million miles status. Their dedication is nothing short of award-worthy.

The Halvor LInes One Million Mile award sticker for drivers who have reached a million road miles.
Examples of the 1, 2, 3 and 4 million mile stickers awarded to drivers who reach these driving milestones.
A 2-Million Mile award sticker on the side of a Halvor Lines truck.
A 2-million mile sticker that Halvor has put onto a driver's truck after he reached his 2-millionth road mile.

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“Halvor’s support gave me the confidence to succeed. I control my own destiny and have taken my career to the next level thanks to their support.”

Mark A.
13-year Halvor owner operator