Lease Purchase Program for Truck Drivers

Explore Halvor's Lease Purchase Program

Are you a driver who dreams of owning your own truck one day? Once you’ve been with us as a company driver for at least six months, you can explore whether Halvor’s lease purchase program is right for you.

Halvor’s lease purchase program helps drivers to lease a truck at lower prices and down payments than they would be able to obtain on their own. In addition, as an owner operator leasing through Halvor Lines, you enjoy all of our owner operator benefits, which include:

  • Solid earnings – solo owner operators in the top 10% of Halvor’s fleet all earned gross revenues over $200,000 in 2020. The average was $222,500. Team owner operators averaged $316,800 in gross revenue in 2020. The highest performing team earned over $423,000 in gross revenue.
  • Industry leading pay ($1.19 – $1.29 per mile plus fuel surcharge)
  • Percentage pay options for flatbed and refrigerated haul owner operators
  • Fuel network discounts/optimized fuel solutions pricing — we doubt you will pay less for fuel anywhere else; Halvor’s, entire discount passed through to you as an owner operator
  • Fuel card (fuel is deducted from settlements)
  • Discounted tire repair/replacement— our price is your price
  • Discounted shop rates at Halvor’s maintenance facilities
  • Access to Halvor’s Road Service team
  • Discounted rates at repair facilities across the U.S.
  • Escrow program for repairs
  • Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) provided free of charge
  • Tolls paid in full for mileage- based owner operators
  • BestPass/Horizons and PrePass provided at no charge
  • Fuel tax reporting
  • Professional and personal insurance available at group rates
  • Optimized fuel solutions
  • Van and refrigerated trailers equipped with aerodynamic devices
  • Safety bonus

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What is a lease purchase truck driver?

Drivers who opt for a lease purchase program have decided to become owner operators — which means they run their own small business. Becoming an owner operator means buying a truck. For many drivers, the most affordable way to do that is through a lease purchase program like the one offered through Halvor Lines.

Are owner operators independent contractors if leased to a company?

Yes. Owner operators are independent contractors who have a contractual relationship with a particular company.

Are the benefits to leasing a truck through a company like Halvor Lines?

Yes. Drivers who use our lease purchase program have access to benefits ranging from fuel and maintenance discounts to access to professional and personal insurance. You’ll find a full list of benefits at the top of this page.

How do I qualify for Halvor’s lease purchase program?

  • Have at least six months experience driving for Halvor Lines
    • Pass a routine credit check
      • Meet performance standards that indicate a good chance of success as an owner operator

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“I’m independent by nature. Driving for Halvor lets me feel like my own boss, but with the perks of steady work and a good income.”

Mark C.
14-year company driver