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Interested in sharing your expertise while earning extra income? Become a driver trainer with our Halvor Gold CDL Training program.

You can earn an additional 15 cents for all dispatched miles* while your trainee is in the truck with you. You’ll play an important role in the long-term health of our industry and help new drivers start their careers safely and with confidence.

*20 cents for owner operators who train Halvor Lines drivers.

This is a picture of two Halvor Lines driver trainers with their trainees.
Halvor Lines trainers Alan F., left and Andrew L., right, with Meghan and Lindsey, who are now team driving at Halvor Lines.

Halvor Lines driver trainers are selected based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Three months OTR experience with Halvor for experienced drivers (6 months or more driving Class A CDL)
  • A solid record for safety, productivity and other items on Halvor’s driver performance scorecard
  • A desire to share your knowledge and set new drivers up for success

Trainers can choose to work one of two training tracks:

4 week finishing program

You’ll prepare drivers to hit the road solo in four weeks, using passenger-side coaching, focused safety training, and mentoring around customer service, budgeting on the road and more.

12 week trainee-to trainer

Take graduates of Halvor’s CDL program from trainee to trainer in 12 weeks. We pair Halvor’s federally-registered CDL curriculum with eight to weeks of team driving to deliver maximum training per mile.

Full-time or part-time trainer? You decide.

Some of our trainers have a trainee in their truck every week. Others take breaks between trainees. We’ll work with you to find a schedule that best fits your training style and personal preferences, including how much additional income you want to earn from training each year.

Trainers and trainees: We work to find good matches.

When you’re training someone, you’re spending a lot of time together in the truck. So it’s important that you get along. That’s why our training department staff spends time getting to know you — and then works to pair you with trainees who will work well with your personality and instruction style.

We’re proud of our strong track record in this area, but there are times folks just don’t fit. When that happens, we’ll help transition your trainee to a different trainer and find another student for you.

Questions? We can help!

Our Halvor Lines recruiters are here for you. Call or email us today.

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“Halvor’s support gave me the confidence to succeed. I control my own destiny and have taken my career to the next level thanks to their support.”

Mark A.
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