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One of your first steps in becoming a professional truck driver is to get a commercial learner’s permit (CLP). To start, study the CDL manual for your state of residence – then test your knowledge with the CLP practice test below. This test includes the types of questions likely to appear on your state’s permit test.

You can take this CDL practice test as often as you like. You’ll see your score and answers to all the questions when you are done with the test. Click the “Start” to begin.

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Practice CDL test

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Which of these help you choose the safest speed when descending a long, steep downgrade?

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When using a fire extinguisher on a fire, you should:

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What is the best way to see the sides and rear of your vehicle?

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Which of these should you always check when doing a walk-around inspection?

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When the amount of alcohol in a person's blood stream increases, it impacts:

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How should you respond to an aggressive driver?

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Compared to a fully loaded truck, an empty truck requires this much stopping distance:

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Why is it important to be in the correct gear before heading down a long hill?

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When driving, you must always be scanning ahead for:

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Which of these are considered road hazards?

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Where should you place warning devices when stopped on a divided highway?

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Which of these can help you avoid distracted driving?

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Which two of these alerts you to when it's time to shift up?

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Seeing hazards is an important part of professional truck driving. Which of these are considered hazards?

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You brake until you feel your vehicle slow down. When your speed is 5 mph below your safe speed limit, you release the brakes. When your speed has increased to your safe speed, you repeat these steps.

Why are you doing this?

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If your vehicle cannot make a right turn into another lane because of its size, you need to do this to prevent vehicles from passing you on the right:

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At night, when should you use high beam headlights?

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How and/or where should you use cargo blocking?

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When you are transporting a load, you must inspect your load securement in the first:

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Which of these is true about alcohol?

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If you become sleepy while driving, you should:

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Name one reason dry bulk tanks need special care.

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What does "communicating" mean when we talk about safe driving?

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How many emergency red reflective triangles should you carry in your truck?

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What is the single most important reason you should ALWAYS conduct a pre-trip inspection?

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If you do NOT have a Hazardous Materials ("H") endorsement, when are you allowed to haul hazardous materials?

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When you are stopped on top of a hill, what procedure do you follow to move forward without rolling back?

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When brakes are wet, they can result in:

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What is the minimum depth for all tires EXCEPT the front tires?

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If you are driving a vehicle with a retarder, when should you switch it off?

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Name the two main causes of tire fires.

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In which of these situations should you downshift your vehicle?

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What helps someone who has been drinking sober up?

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Doubling your speed increases your stopping distance by:

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What is the minimum number of tie downs for a flatbed load?

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Name three key parts of a steering system.

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Which of these is considered a driving hazard that you should be aware of?

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Always check your wheel hub seals for:

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Which three cargo-related issues are you responsible for as a driver?

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What is the safe minimum groove depth for your front tire treads?

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Which of these is an important rule for loading cargo?

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What is the most important reason to have an additional person helping you when backing your vehicle?

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During your pre-trip inspection, which of the following is NOT a defect in the suspension system?

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What kind of emergency equipment must you carry with you?

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What should you do if someone is following too close behind you?

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When do you need to downshift if you are driving an automatic transmission?

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When do you use placards?

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