Should I go to school for my CDL and become a driver?

Halvor answers common questions about starting a driving career

You’re thinking about finding a new job. More than a job, actually – a career. Something that earns solid money and provides health insurance, a 401k, and other benefits. You know professional truck drivers are in high demand right now, but is it the right career for you? Here are answers to common questions that may help you decide.

Am I ready to learn something new?

To become a professional truck driver, you need to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). That means attending a federally-registered CDL school or training program. These programs, which help you earn your CDL, usually lasts three to six weeks.

Once you’re interested, the next question is usually “is there a CDL school near me?” Here’s the good news on that front: if you live east of the Mississippi River, Halvor Lines has a CDL training program for you. We cover the cost of lodging for out-of-town students attending our federally-registered Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) program.

A Halvor Line truck and trailed drive down the highway.

We offer training in two locations – Inver Grove Heights, MN, just outside the Twin Cities; and Superior, WI. Lodging for CDL students is available at both locations.

Will I have to pay for CDL / OTR training?

It’s likely that some CLD schools near you will charge tuition, which can run several thousand dollars for the course. Or, you can choose an ELDT program like the one through Halvor Lines, which provides paid CDL and paid over-the-road (OTR) training. That means you’ll earn while you learn instead of having to take out school loans.

How much do I get to practice driving before hitting the road on my own?

At Halvor Lines, new CDL holders spend four weeks with an experienced driver trainer before going solo or becoming part of a driving team. The trainer is there beside you while you’re driving, offering guidance and answering questions. We take into consideration people’s personalities and preferences when matching trainees and trainers to ensure a good experience – and can switch things up if you find you’d like to make a change.

Do I need to find work with a trucking company near me?

While “trucking companies near me” is one of the most commonly-searched terms on the internet, the good news is that you don’t have to limit yourself to trucking companies where you live. The most important thing is living near a customer or freight lane of the company you want to work for.

At Halvor Lines, we recruit drivers from 36 states — basically, if you live east of the Mississippi River, chances are good we have work for you.

Do I have to worry about earning money right away?

Most OTR truck drivers are paid based on the miles they drive each week. That can be stressful when you’re just starting out and need a little extra time to figure things out on the road.

At Halvor Lines, we work to ease those worries by providing guaranteed weekly pay of $1,000 during CDL and OTR training. For most trainees, that means seven weeks of guaranteed pay.

Once I finish training, how do I make the most of driving OTR?

At Halvor Lines, our driver managers work with each driver to determine what matters most to them. For some, it’s maximizing their paychecks. Others want to see the United States. Some drivers want to lease purchase a truck. And many drivers say getting home on a regular schedule matters more than anything. Our one-on-one approach to working with drivers puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to defining “success.”

How do I learn more about earning my CDL through Halvor Lines?

You can learn more by visiting any of the following pages on our website:

And when you’re ready, contact a Halvor Lines recruiter or call 833.4.HALVOR.

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“I’m independent by nature. Driving for Halvor lets me feel like my own boss, but with the perks of steady work and a good income.”

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