5 health tips for truck drivers

Are you a truck driver who wants to stay healthy while you’re out on the road? With a little planning and support, it is possible! And it’s important, both for your personal well-being and your professional career. Drivers must pass regular DOT medical exams, so taking steps to maintain your health is actually part of your job.

At Halvor Lines, our full-time Health & Wellness Coordinator Jason Crisp is available to help drivers with everything from healthy eating to weight loss and exercise programs. In this video, he shares five things truckers can do each day to improve and/or maintain good health.

If you’re looking for a trucking company that invests in your health, we’d love to connect. Looking to earn your CDL from an ELDT-certified program? Check out our Halvor Gold paid CDL training. Already a CDL holder with experience on the road? Learn more about our company truck driver benefits, Halvor’s owner operator opportunities or contact a recruiter today!

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“As a new driver, I loved having one specific dispatcher that I worked with…so you have the consistency of working with the same person to help you with all your questions.”

Sarah D.
2-year company driver