Crush a Clean DOT: Air Lines

You’ve graduated from a certified CDL program, completed your training and now you’re hitting the road on your own. It’s an exciting time, but also can be a nerve-wracking one, particularly when it comes to being stopped by a DOT inspector.

Every driver gets inspected by the DOT – but with a little preparation, you can Crush a Clean DOT every time you’re stopped. The key is doing a thorough inspection of your truck before every trip – and having experienced diesel mechanics servicing your truck between loads.

Learn to avoid DOT air line violations.

At Halvor Lines, our diesel mechanics (also called diesel technicians), make careful inspections of all trucks and trailers coming through the shop. They pay attention to details that will keep you safe and in compliance with the DOT.

That’s why we started “Crush a Clean DOT,” quick videos where our Halvor mechanics explain what you as a driver can do to stay safe and in compliance every time you hit the road.

Our first video focuses on air lines – something DOT inspectors always check. For this video, we turned to Halvor Lines Senior Mechanic Andy Morinville. A 24-year veteran mechanic with Halvor Lines, Andy is the son of a trucker. His father, Maurice, has been driving for more than 40 years. (We’re proud to have Maurice on our team too!)

In this video, Andy covers everything you need to know about watching for rubbing/chafing air lines, how to address issues, and how the shop can help. You will also learn the difference between air line issues that will earn you a DOT violation but keep you on the road and air line issues that will pull you out of service immediately.

If you’re a diesel technician looking for a company that values your expertise, consider working for us. We often have opportunities for diesel mechanics in our Minnesota and Wisconsin shops. Find openings for our Rosemount, MN, and Superior, WI terminals and learn more about diesel mechanic careers at Halvor Lines on our website. Apply online or fill out a quick contact form and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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