Get a Clean DOT Inspection: Tire Tips

If you’re a professional truck driver, you know that DOT inspections are part of the job. The key to getting a Clean DOT is doing thorough pre-trip inspections. And you need to inspect your semi-truck and trailer frequently. At Halvor Lines, our mechanics and technicians play a big role in making sure our trucks and trailers are DOT-compliant and in safe working order. But once you’re out on the road, the responsibility for earning a Clean DOT falls to you.

That’s why we launched a new video series, “Crush a Clean DOT,” to share helpful reminders on things that should become habits during your pre-trip. In this episode, Spencer, our tire technician, reviews how to check tire pressure and tread depth on semi-truck steer tires, on semi-drive tires, and on trailer tires. He also shares DOT regulations for tire pressure and tread depth.

Halvor Lines is currently hiring experienced mechanics, as well as people seeking on-the-job training to become trailer technicians. If you are looking for a job as a diesel mechanic or trailer technician, whatever your experience level, we’d love to connect. Learn more on our Diesel Mechanic and Technician Jobs page and apply online on our quick application to have a Halvor Lines recruiter call you.

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