No-touch freight

A great option for many drivers

Are you thinking about training for your Class A CDL and becoming a professional truck driver? If so, have you hesitated because you’re worried about having to load or unload freight?

If that’s the case, we have good news for you – many of today’s trucking jobs involve “no-touch freight.” Let’s see what that means for you:

What is no-touch freight?
No-touch freight is just that – freight that truck drivers don’t have to touch. No loading at the shipper; no unloading at the customer. With no-touch freight, you can focus on what you’re trained to do – drive your truck.

What types of trailers are used for no-touch freight?
No-touch freight is generally shipped in one of two ways – either in a dry van or a refrigerated/temperature controlled trailer. Many companies are moving to no-touch freight, so you could be transporting anything from soft drinks to kitchen sinks.

What is the driver’s responsibility?
In addition to providing safe transport, you’ll need to pick up the trailer you’re scheduled to haul. You will do this either at the shipper’s warehouse or at a drop-and-hook yard. Once you’ve transported the goods, you will unhook and drop your trailer at a receiver or another drop-and-hook yard.

What is drop-and-hook?
If you go into trucking, you’ll hear this phrase a lot. It simply means that when you reach a destination, you drop the trailer you’re hauling and then pick up another trailer at the same location. Most often, you are dropping a loaded trailer and picking up an empty one, but sometimes you drop an empty trailer and haul a loaded one back.

Do all trucking companies offer no-touch freight?
The ability to offer no-touch freight varies by company. Thanks to its large van and refrigerated divisions, Halvor Lines is able to offer a large number of no-touch freight jobs in these divisions.

Is no-touch freight for everyone?
No-touch freight is a great option for folks who prefer to spend most of their professional time behind the wheel or in the cab of their truck. If you are looking for a job that involves more physical work, you’ll want to check out jobs like the ones Halvor Lines offers in our flatbed and deck van divisions.

Are all no-touch jobs guaranteed to be 100% no touch freight?
In most cases, yes. If it isn’t the case, the company you’re hiring on with will be able to tell you if there are instances where you will need to assist with loading or unloading freight. When talking with prospective trucking company employers, make sure to ask your recruiter what percentage of your freight would be no touch. At Halvor Lines, many routes are available with 100 percent no-touch freight.

Why is no-touch freight becoming so common?
No-touch freight offers many advantages to both customers and trucking companies. For the truck driver and trucking companies, no-touch freight reduces the risk of injury to drivers. It also gives the shippers and receivers more control over loading and unloading the goods, which reduces the risk of claims against drivers and trucking companies over damaged or missing goods. Most no-touch trailers are sealed at the site where they are loaded, and the seal is only removed once the trailer arrives at its destination.

How do I learn more?
If you’re still trying to figure out what type of freight you’d like to haul with a Class A CDL, our Halvor Lines recruiters can answer many of your questions. They can also put you in touch with experienced drivers who can share their experiences with no touch freight, drop and hook operations and other aspects of trucking. If you are ready to apply, you can fill out an application here.

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