Top 10 tools for truck drivers

Essentials every trucker toolbox should have

If you’re new to professional truck driving, chances are good someone has already recommended having a tool set in your truck.

Driver Services Specialist Jerald C. Carlson, who has logged more than 4 million miles as a Class A CDL truck driver during his career at Halvor Lines
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When space is tight, it really pays to know the tools truck drivers recommend most for troubleshooting minor issues on the road. You want advice from a trucker toolbox expert, so we went to Driver Services Specialist Jerald C. Carlson, who has logged more than 4 million miles as a Class A CDL truck driver during his career at Halvor Lines.

Here are the essential tools Carlson says will help you on the road, whether you are hauling flatbed, van, deck van, or refrigerated trailers. And even if you’re hauling no-touch freight, these tools will come in handy.:

Two pairs of gloves

Ask any experienced driver and they’ll tell you – you need a pair of good leather gloves and a pair of fleece gloves. Tough leather protects your hands while you’re hooking up trailers or making adjustments to your rig. The fleece gloves protect you from frostbite and keep you warm during colder weather.

An adjustable crescent wrench (or two)

Space is at a premium inside your truck, so instead of a wrench set, opt for a solid adjustable wrench instead – and if you want to cover all your bases, bring two in different sizes.

A 3-pound hammer

If you’re an over-the-road trucker, chances are good you’ll run into snow at some point in your professional driving career. Snow will build up on your trailer, adding thousands of pounds to its weight. A few taps of your side rails with a solid hammer removes ice and snow, and you’re ready to roll.

A series of small screwdriver set for tightening electronics dev
A good screwdriver set for almost any size of screw or bolt

A screwdriver set

When a taillight burns out, a good screwdriver set makes replacing it easy. You’ll find a host of other uses for these inside and outside of the truck, so keep them handy.

Vice grips

Vice grips often come in larger sets, but you don’t need to carry all of them in your truck. Carry one large and in medium grip and you’ll have what you need to pinch off air lines, secure a mud flap or lock a glad hand down.

A good side cutter

These will come in handy if you need to repair your air lines, trim a dragging mud flap or cut away debris that has wrapped around your axel. It works for trimming ratchet straps, too.

Gorilla tape

Once you’re on the road, chances are good Gorilla tape will become your go-to item for repairing air lines. Many will tell you that a good roll of tape is a driver’s best friend.

Zip ties, rubber snubbers, and bungee cords

You will use these to secure items in your truck and trailer to prevent them from getting damaged, particularly when driving on rough and bumpy roads.

Toolbox, gloves and helmets.

Channel lock pliers

You will find a surprising number of uses for these, including cinching down your glad hands and securing hoses between your truck and trailer.

Fifth wheel puller with a hook. 

Older fifth wheel pullers often have a square end. New ones, like the ones Halvor Lines provides company drivers, have a hook, making it much easier to detach the trailer from your truck.

Keep these items in your truck and you’ll be ready to handle most any road incident like a pro! And if you’re looking for a truck driving company that has experts like Jerry Carlson supporting you on the road, check us out at or reach out to a Halvor Lines recruiter today!

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