We’ve got LOADS OF LOVE for our drivers

Valentine’s Day is here – which means it’s a great time to share the top five reasons we love our Halvor Lines drivers.

Today and everyday our drivers are professional, with us and our customers. They set their own high standards, that show that they care about every aspect of your job.

1. Halvor drivers are true professionals. The women and men who drive with us know the meaning of respect. They show it in all their interactions, at customer sites, in our terminals, and with other drivers out on the road. We often get emails and calls from customers commending our drivers for going the extra mile to deliver a load or troubleshoot a problem at the shipping or receiving dock. And it’s not uncommon for motorists to call in compliments on our drivers’ attention to safe speed limits, following distances, and more.

At Halvor Lines, our values don’t come from the top down. Folks live the value of respect across our company, starting with our drivers. We’re grateful for the example they set within Halvor and out on the road.

today and everyday our CDL drivers have 62,757,950 miles and counting driven safely.

2. Our drivers are safety-driven. Last year, our drivers logged more than 63 million miles. That’s more than 2/3 of the way to the sun! And these were safety-conscious miles, to boot! Halvor Lines logged one of the lowest crash indicator scores recorded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2021*. They also ranked Halvor Lines well ahead of its peers when it came to accident-free trips and basic vehicle maintenance (another big safety factor.) Sorry for the pun, but – this safety record is no accident. Our drivers participate in regular safety education and training. And for the last two years, they have embraced new technology that monitors their driving performance and reports it as a “GreenZone” score. They’ve been raising the bar on their scores every month!

Our drivers are community conscious. Many drivers have participated in deliveries to the Second Harvest Food Shelf and Wreaths Across America.

3. Halvor drivers are community conscious. Foodbank deliveries. Animal welfare organizations. Wildlife preservation. Wreaths for fallen and departed veterans. These are just some of the many ways our drivers make a difference to their communities and causes they’re passionate about. What’s more, drivers have a strong voice in Halvor’s charitable giving. A number of the donations we make each year to charities and non-profit organizations are made through requests from our drivers.

Today and everyday our truck drivers are helpful and team oriented. They continue to share their time, talent, and skill set with anyone in need.

4. Our drivers will always lend a hand. Whether it’s something simple – like helping a new driver uncouple a truck and trailer – or stopping to rescue an injured driver at the scene of an accident – our drivers don’t hesitate. We even had a fire department call us to comment a driver whose quick thinking likely prevented a summer brush fire. Our drivers understand the challenges of life on the road. And many of them remember what it meant to have someone reach out to them.

We’re proud to be the employer of choice for people who offer assistance in emergencies both big and small.

Today and everyday our drivers are family oriented (pets are people too!0. They continue to put their family and loved ones at the core of their priorities.

5. They are family-oriented (pets are people too!). Our drivers work hard out on the road, but they never forget friends and family back home. And it’s common to see them bring home with them in the form of 4-legged companions, spouses, and children. Halvor Lines offers some of the most pet- and family-friendly policies in trucking. You’ll spot dogs (and an occasional cat) in our trucks. Summers you’ll often see kids with their parents (they have to be 10 or older), and you’ll find spouses, partners, and even parents riding along any time of the year.

These are just five of many, many reasons we are sending loads of love to our Halvor Lines drivers this Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to join a team like ours, make sure to visit us at HalvorLines.com. We’re hiring experienced drivers, folks seeking paid CLD training, and recent graduates interested in paid OTR training. Curious about a trucking career? Our Become a Truck Driver infographic will show you the way. You can also contact a recruiter directly or call 833.4.HALVOR.

Halvor drivers are dispatched through seven Midwestern terminals in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Indiana. Halvor Lines is headquartered in Superior, WI, close to Lake Superior. You’ll find our main terminal located on the shore of St. Louis Bay.

*Based on comparisons to Halvor’s peer group.

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