Find the best trucking company for you

Searching “trucking companies near me” doesn’t always return the best results.

Whether you’re an experienced professional truck driver or someone just getting into the profession, chances are good you’ve typed “best trucking companies near me” into Google or another search engine.

While your search may have turned up promising results, you may actually be missing out on the best trucking job for you. Read on to learn why:

Many of the best truck driving jobs aren’t near a terminal

Either through life experience or research, you know that trucking companies provide driver services at terminal(s) located across their service area. But don’t make the mistake of thinking the best truck driving jobs are limited to a 50-mile radius of these facilities.

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For example, while Halvor’s terminals are in the Midwest, we often hire drivers who live along the East Coast and in the South. We have many customers in those regions, so it makes sense to hire drivers from those areas. The driver stays closer to home; the customer gets a driver who knows their region; everyone wins.

Breakdowns, challenging delivery sites and faulty fuel pumps are just a few of the challenges drivers face out on the road. More often than not, drivers won’t be near a terminal when these things happen. So the best transport companies provide stellar 24/7 assistance regardless of a driver’s location.

The best companies to drive for support you on the road

At Halvor Lines, our Safety and Road Service teams provide 24/7 support when drivers need help. The folks answering our 24/7 phone lines are Halvor Lines employees who can connect you with repair crews, confirm and after-hours delivery site, or troubleshoot issues with weigh stations or fuel stops.

For everyday needs, you are paired with a driver manager who will assist with load assignments, delivery instructions and routing questions. We also have staff to answer payroll questions, support your health & wellness while on the road, answer driver benefits questions, and more.

Great trucking companies offer opportunities for advancement

America’s top trucking companies do more than put drivers behind the wheel – they give you opportunities to advance your trucking career.

At Halvor Lines, we make sure drivers have options for growth and added income. Many become trainers in our OTR training program, sharing their knowledge with new drivers while increasing their annual income. Others opt for our lease purchase program, which helps them buy truck of their own. And others move into careers with our dispatch or driver services departments, or work as instructors within our CDL training program.

The top trucking companies work hard to meet each drivers’ needs

At Halvor Lines, our driver managers work with each driver to determine what matters most to them. For some, it’s maximizing their paychecks. Others want to see the United States. And many drivers say

getting home on a regular schedule matters more than anything. Our one-on-one approach to working with drivers puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to defining “success.”

Top trucking firms make it easy to connect If you’re looking for information on Entry Level Driver Training, want to enroll in a paid CDL or paid OTR program, or are an experienced driver interested in what Halvor offers, we’re here to help. Simply:

Halvor drivers are dispatched through seven Midwestern terminals in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Indiana. Halvor Lines is headquartered in Superior, WI, close to Lake Superior. You’ll find our main terminal located on the shore of St. Louis Bay.

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