The best way to become a truck driver: Halvor Gold CDL

You’re tired of working dead end jobs. You want a career with room for growth, something that will put you on the road to success. That’s why you’re considering earning a Class A CDL and hitting the road as a professional truck driver.

If you’re on this page, you’ve been searching for information on the best CDL training programs near you. There are many good programs across the U.S.- and here are our top eight reasons why we believe our Halvor Gold CDL Training program is up there with the best:

  • We provide resources to help you study for your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). Before you start school, you need to study for and pass a CLP test in your home state. We’ve got a handy state-by-state list of resources for obtaining your CLP and CDL, along with a free CDL practice test that was developed by our Halvor Gold instructors.
  • You’ll learn your CDL skills from experienced truck drivers. All of our Halvor Gold instructors started their trucking careers as over the road (OTR) drivers. Together, they have logged millions of highway miles and know the ins and outs of every aspect of truck driving and life on the road.

    Our instructors know that passing a CDL test requires a mix of classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel practice. But they go beyond that and teach you practical skills that will make you successful on the road. That includes teaching you how to back your trailer into tight spots, how to monitor and respond to road and weather conditions, the tools and items you should always carry in your truck and more.
  • You’ll enjoy some of the smallest class sizes in the industry. Some driving schools pool dozens of students together in one class. At Halvor Gold, we keep our class sizes small – generally between six and eight students – which means you’ll get more one-on-one time with your driving instructor and you’ll get more time behind the wheel. Hear from our instructors and students what they think the benefits of small group CDL instruction offer.
  • You’ll experience the Gold Standard for backing practice. Backing up a 53-foot trailer is one of the most important tasks you’ll master as a truck driver. And you need to nail your trailer backs to pass your Class A CDL test. At Halvor Lines, our small class sizes give students more time behind the wheel. And many students take advantage of our offer to stay after class or stop by on the weekend for additional practice. Extensive backing practice is something many of our students say is a real advantage in preparing for and passing their CDL test.
  • You get paid to attend CDL training and hit the road with a driver trainer. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to attend school, at Halvor Lines, you can earn while you learn. This takes the financial pressure off of you while you’re in school learning a new career.
  • You’ll continue to receive great support once you’re in your own truck. Getting your CDL and running with a trainer provides a good foundation for a truck driving career – but as a new driver, you’re sure to have plenty of questions your first year or two on the road. When you do, you’ll have plenty of people ready to help you succeed for the long term – from your instructors and trainers to your dispatchers, Halvor’s driver services specialists, road service teams and more.
  • After graduation, we’ll keep you running. As a Halvor Lines driver, you will be teamed with an experienced Halvor Lines dispatcher who will support you through your first year as you’re learning about load assignments, weekly mileage expectations, how to plan for home time and more.
  • You’ll always have choices. If you find that trucking is the career for you, chances are good you’ll find that some types of freight match your skills and interests more than others.

    Unlike many trucking companies, Halvor Lines can offer you a number of freight options through our van, decked van, refrigerated and flatbed divisions. If you like to be active, for example, you may opt for flatbed work. If longer cross-country runs appeal to you, consider hauling refrigerated freight. And if you thrive on a little extra adventure, Halvor’s deck van division may be for you.

So, if you’re looking for the best Class A CDL training around, check out our How To Become a Truck Driver infographic, then learn more at or call 833.442.5867.

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